Orbbec 2.0.9 Body Tracking SDK Expiration

Does anyone know when the 2.0.9 SDK expires? I thought it was September 30, 2018.




The SDK expired today, so no one can use the body tracking SDK now.

I have not recieved any response from Orbbec.

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Does this mean that you can not use the SDK even without internet?

If anybody knows when body tracking can be used, please report.


Yes the SDK is now expired - if you dont have an activation key - talk directly to ORBBEC about your needs - they may be able to assist with extending the trial date a little.


PS - it is ONLY the skeletal tracking that expires - the rest of the SDK continues to work

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Oh, skeletal tracking is just what I’m working on.
I will write to orbbec.
Thanks for the reply Westa!

The Astra SDK 2.0.12 has been released. Please follow the link below to download the latest version.


Hi, how can i have a new c# SDK?

I am using the Astra SDK v.2.0.14. How do I know the expiration date of this version?
I know that Settings.settings can set the BodyTrackingFreeTrialEnd property.
I set BodyTrackingFreeTrialEnd=2019-03-30, the program does not display any streams.

The Orbbec Body Tracking library (included with Astra SDK) is free to use until March 31, 2019. Please plan to update to a newer version before that date or contact info@orbbec3d.com about license extensions and information.

The SDK times out every few months. When it does, the only notice seems to be in the Astra LOG file. Everything will seem to be working, but you will get nothing from the camera, as mentioned above. IOW, the “SkeletonRenderer” module will just stop generating events, and you will need to integrate a new SDK with a new time-out date built in.