Orbbec Astra and Blob Tracking

Hi there, I am trying to build a height tracker, and was using the body features of the Astra SDK to do it…and it mostly works. The problem is it takes a specific stance to detect a body that I don’t have the luxury of requiring from the user. I settled on detecting an object’s center of mass (like an OpenCV contour), but don’t know how to do this with the Astra SDK (or whether it is even feasible without an abstraction like OpenCV).

I tried using OpenCV, actually, and built OpenCV with Orbbec’s OpenNI flavor, but I get an error that says that “toggleStream can’t open the IR stream”…so if there is a solution for this error, that would also work, as I could use OpenCV instead.

Thanks for reading my long-winded post. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I am using C/C++ where possible on an Ubuntu 16.04 box.

I was able to run OpenCV with the Astra by setting up OpenCV to not pull an IR stream from the OpenNI device. I’ll be doing the blob tracking there.


If you are trying to use Astra SDk and OpenCV together then this is very much possible.

Blob tracking is more related to OpenCV.

The concern is about integrating OpenCV with Astra SDK.

You need to do a very simple application where you can just visualize RGB and Depth images with OpenCV.

Rest is very much similar to what people do for blob Tracking…

Hope this helps.