Orbbec Astra and Nuitrack Error

Hi all! I’ve followed this tutorial to install Nuitrack and to run the example: http://download.3divi.com/Nuitrack/doc/Installation_page.html but something went wrong.

the only thing tha tI can’t understand is the SDK. What I need to do when I download the SDK and unzipped it in a folder in c:?

this is the error:

EDIT: I’m using the Orbbec Astra camera in other software on this pc. So I don’t understand why it can’t find the camera…

EDIT 2: I tried to download some example project for unity but when I try to play it unity crashes…

You need to firstly get your orbbec camera running with the orbbec installers - it seems like you are maybe missing the orbbec driver installation.


I found the problem. I had a capture card active and the software was trying to load that instead of the orbbec. I just disabled all other “cameras” (capture card and manycam).

Thank you!