Orbbec Astra Failed to set USB interface

I have followed all instructions on https://github.com/orbbec/ros_astra_c… and installed the launcher from : https://github.com/orbbec/ros_astra_l… , I also uninstalled ros-indigo-openni2-* and configured 56-orbbec-usb.rules. Now, I encountering a new issue when I start $ roslaunch astra_launch astra.launch it shows fail info:

[ INFO] [1485844378.423165924]: Device “2bc5/0401@3/6” found.
[ INFO] [1485844378.430540517]: No matching device found… waiting for devices. Reason: astra_wrapper::AstraDevice::AstraDevice(const string&) @ /home/dwikyerl/catkin_ws/src/ros_astra_camera/src/astra_device.cpp @ 76 : Device open failed
Could not open “2bc5/0401@3/6”: Failed to set USB interface!

$ rosrun astra_camera astra_list_device 's output (no serial number ?) :

[ INFO] [1485844451.350552419]: Device “2bc5/0401@3/6” found.
Found 1 devices:

Device #0:
Uri: 2bc5/0401@3/6 (Vendor: Orbbec, Name: Astra, Vendor ID: 2bc5, Product ID: 401)

Serial number:

Can anyone help me ? or tell me how to fix this ?

Thank you

I encounter she problem today after I switch to a new NUC7 i7. Any suggestions why cases the problem?

Hi dwikyerl,

I am also facing this problem, it is totally similar to your problem. Did you solve this ?

Can you please share me your solution ?

Thanks in advances