Orbbec Astra mini - USB cable issue

Hello everyone,

currently I am working with two different Orbbec Astra Mini, even though the experience with the sensor is overall good, I am dealing with an issue with the out-of-the-box USB connector for both of them.

The connector that must be plugged into the board seems to be quite prone to break: I have tried to look on the Orbbec on-line shop but I was not able to find any replacement cable and neither I was able to find a datasheet with the connector specs.

Is there the possibility to find/buy such cables? Do any of you know what is the connector type?

thank you all!!

I had the same issue and called them to get a replacement cable. They are quite responsive via email and phone.

The cable was added recently to the online shop:

That’s great, thank you very much for the notification!