Orbbec astra pro avatar movement


I would like to ask for some help regarding skeletal tracking avatar using unity3D.
If someone could help me or send me a link on where to read about making the tracked avatar using astra pro move through the scene, It will be very helpful.

Currently it only tracks the limb and not the positional changes.

Hoping someone could help.

Thank you.

If you don’t care about skeletal tracking for your purposes, you can simply look at the “Body” tracked data. The “Center of Mass” (aka “COM”) value will allow you to follow someone around the space the camera can see.

Hello, Thank you for your response,
Do you know any article or documentation where I can follow to get the desired result?
Thank you.

No, not really. Mostly, I was just using the demo code, and making modifications…hacking my way through. The demo’s code is very thorough, but some experimentation will be required.