Orbbec Astra Pro RGB-D Viewer - Open Source

Hello, Orbbec friends!

I apologize for not releasing the code earlier. Some of our customers reported that they have difficulty accessing the RGB stream of our Astra Pro cameras.

Now I am sharing the code that enables you access RGB-D via OpenNI below. Hopefully it will help in your future work.

OpenNI 2 - based;
Works on Astra/Astra Pro series
Default resolution: VGA


Hi David,

Sorry for my question, but i have to extract the ObViewer folder only inside the AstraSDK folder or i have to write over the files in the bin folder and its sub folders?


Is there any body out there?

ObViewer is written based on OpenNI simple viewer. It’s a independent program from our Astra SDK. You can extract to any folder you prefer :slightly_smiling:

Is this script Windows only? It doesn’t seem to compile on OSX. Here’s the error I get:

c++     Viewer.cpp   -o Viewer
In file included from Viewer.cpp:26:
./Viewer.h:24:10: fatal error: 'OpenNI.h' file not found
#include <OpenNI.h>

@tsugua You may need to install Openni SDK to use it …

@David I guess he might need to compile it on his own as there is no .exe. This means to set all paths/files in his linker inputs and compiler options…

I tried to compile it without any chance as the device could not be open properly. Indeed, it goes into this loop at all time :

rc = device.open(deviceURI);
if (rc != openni::STATUS_OK)
printf(“SimpleViewer: Device open failed:\n%s\n”, openni::OpenNI::getExtendedError());
return 1;

any idea ?

The error you post seems to be a failure when opening the device. I am not sure if all the compiling configuration is correct. The purpose of the sample code is to help developers develop their own viewer. I will post a compiled version shortly.

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It has been sorted out in this Topic : Compatibility Astra Pro and OpenNI2: