Orbbec Astra Pro RGB sensor dimensions

Can you please share the sensor dimensions (mm) for the Orbbec Astra Pro RGB sensor?

The spec page provides

  • RGB Image Size : 1280x720 (pixels)
  • field of view: 60 HOR x 49.5 VERT (degrees)

However, I haven’t found the sensor dimensions anywhere.


Hi headupinclouds,

The dimension of Astra series cameras is 165mm x 30mm x 40mm.

Sorry that wasn’t clear. I’m asking about the RGB CMOS sensor dimensions.

Hi headupinclouds,

I got below values from Jackson while ago for an ASTRA S camera.

IR sensor pixel size = 0.0052 mm X 0.0052 mm
RGB sensor pixel size = 0.0019 mm X 0.0019 mm

Hope this helps.


Hi kos.

If you are still in this club, could you explain more detail?

You showed RGB sensor pixel size.
I’m not sure how this value can be used.

if there is focal length fx and fy in pixel, is it possible to convert them to mm with using your values?
I mean that f [mm] = fx [pixel] / 0.0019[mm/pixel?].

I’m happy if you replied to me.