Orbbec Astra - problem with driver since automatic Windows update


Unfortunately I’m having some driver problems since the last automatic Windows update (Win10) with connecting to a Astra sensor.

The Windows device manager indicates that there is an issue with the driver, and that it could not be installed properly. However, the same driver has worked for the past couple of month without any problem. I’ve tried installing the most recent one ( but it did not solve the problem. Uninstalling the drivers, incl. removing the registry keys, also didn’t help.

The camera seems fine, it’s working properly on another Windows 10 computer, which makes the whole situation even more strange.

Has anyone experienced similar things with his camera?

Hi Peter,
I’m having the same problems, did you find out some solution?

Same here. Stopped working right after the update. Would be good to have a quick update on how to resolve the issue.

Got it resolved.

My issue (i believe) was using an active usb extender, plugging it directly into the computer, then back into the extender made it worked again as intended.

I’m hopping that selecting ‘No’ in the Device installation settings “Do you want to automatically download manufacturers’ app…” will avoid this from happening next.