Orbbec Astra Projector / IR Sensor Decalibration?

I’ve had an Orbbec Astra sensor for over a year and all of a sudden no depth image is seen. Then I firmly grasped both ends of the sensor and made a twisting movement and the image started to appear the more twisting movement I made.
The question is: Is it possible that the Projector or IR Sensor decalibrate from original positioning as time passes?

This would likely suggest that the sensor has had a knock or a hit - the alignment is pretty sensitive.
We had one do something similar - the top half of the depth image was lost.
As it was an in-house test device - we wound up carefully opening the case (yes it was out of warranty).
Once we took the pressure of the front of the case - the part pressing on the front of the sensor - the depth image improved again.