Orbbec Astra SDK 2.0.9 Beta3 released

Hello Dedicated Developers,

Orbbec Astra SDK 2.0.9 Beta3 is available to download. And the Body Tracking SDK license has been extended. Sorry for the delay.
Please visit the link below to download our latest SDK.

Your pals,
The Orbbec Team


There is a small issue on the Unity package, Scene 3.

If the character isn’t moving in your scene, it’s because de function PoseUser.OnNewFrame is not called. If you look at the AstraController GameObject you’ll see that the function is missing.

To fix this, in PoseUser script, change the OnNewFrame( BodyFrame frame) function to public void OnNewFrame(Astra.BodyStream bodyStream, Astra.BodyFrame frame) ; and assign the New Body Frame Event on the AstraController GameObject to the function so it looks like this :

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thanks heaps = keep up the great work

Thanks for the release.

But can I access RGB and Depth camera of Astra Pro using this new SDK?

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.


I downloaded the Linux version (you know, the platform that is generally recommended for your persee product) and the documentation still doesn’t even mention the linux platform. Please try harder.