Orbbec Gemini E adjust shutter speed

How do I adjust the shutter speed in Orbbec Gemini E’s Color Camera?

You can use Orbbec Viewer/SDK to adjust RGB exposure time.

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I’m trying to adjust the shutter speed because of the flicker phenomenon.
Please provide a manual or link on how to adjust the exposure time.
I don’t know where it is here GitHub - orbbec/OrbbecSDK: OrbbecSDK C/C++ base core lib

you can adjust the shutter/ exposure time with this function:
int color_exposure_usec = 10000; // set to 0 for auto exposure
ob_device_->setBoolProperty(OB_PROP_COLOR_AUTO_EXPOSURE_BOOL, color_exposure_usec == 0);
ob_device_->setIntProperty(OB_PROP_COLOR_EXPOSURE_INT, color_exposure_usec);

check the example code: OrbbecSDK/examples/cpp/Sample-CommonUsages/CommonUsages.cpp at 6d133568ea6d2919503ae4f81f829d92d249e42f · orbbec/OrbbecSDK (github.com)