Orbbec Persee depth data to CPU and/or USB

Can the Persee camera deliver the depth data simultaneously to its CPU as well as to another computer via USB? if it can, how does that impact the FPS performance?

Yes. The Persee can deliver depth data to both a networked (via USB / ethernet / wifi) and to local applications on the CPU.
Regarding performance: we are still in the early stages of testing and optimization, and we can’t give you hard specs on performance yet, however, latency and responsiveness (and the features critical to interactive applications in general) are a top priority to the dev team.

Hello gordon,

How we can reach the data via USB? Can it deliver the data from Android pre-installed or should i install the Ubuntu on my Persee, then maybe i can connect with ssh?

Hello engin,

Have you solve the problem? I also got Persee today with Android OS.
I don’t know how to get the depth frame from Persee for further processing on PC.

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Hello hntuan94,
You can download the iso file and instructions from link in the below. Yesterday, i download and flash the ubuntu in my persee. Today i will try to examine.

Thank you.