Orbbec Persee does not see my Wifi

I have several available Wifi networks, however, the Persee only sees two of them and none of the others. When I try to add the wifi network manually, a connection is never established. What is the 802.11 version that the Persee is using? a,g,b,n, etc…? Why is it not able to see my networks which all my other devices can see and connect to easily. Are there any suggestions for troubleshooting?

I am using the Ubuntu install provided from your drop-box.



Hi Mirmathrax,

Thanks for reporting this. Since the Ubuntu version of the operating system for Persee is a beta release, there might be some applications or services are not working as expected.
We will keep this on file and make improvements for the future release.


Mine came with android installed and I have no idea how to look for or install a linux version.
Wifi works at lab, but not at home. Router in both places is a Mac AirPort. But at home I have tried with other routers and I could only connect via ethernet…

by the way, every time I turn on the device, time/date seems to be restored. And since I can’t easily connect to internet to update it (almost - because timezone always need to be fixed) automatically, this issue is really bothering me.
Tell me the device DOES include a battery for clock?

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