Orbbec Persee how reflash from Ubuntu back to Android


I like to know steps to go back to Android.

Please advice.


Hi Johan,
I’ve the same question/problem.
Did you find a solution?


Hi Hrs,

So far no. If I find a way I will let you know about it.

Best regards


just do the same what you’ve done to flash Ubuntu with AndroidTools, but use Android image instead of Ubuntu image.
No complications. Of course you lose all your Ubuntu data.

Hi Ray,
this doesn’t work for me :frowning2:
AndroidTool did not find any devices.
Did you use the reset button or the adb shell to switch the mode of the device?

I’ve reflashed Ubuntu/Android several times and always works.

You should carefully follow the instruction, but for me there was only one way to get it work:

  1. Unplug EVERYTHING from your Persee, especially power cable.
  2. Stick pin into reset button and hold - then connect Persee with computer by USB cable.
  3. When system sees your device, free the reset button.
  4. If you hold reset and after pluging USB more than 10 seconds the device is still invisible, stop it, and try again from step 1.

It works? :wink:

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Where can I find the Android image?

How to use Android image?