Orbbec Persee Primesense

I have developed some software in Python for the Orbbec Astra and have recently bought a Persee. The ideal situation would be for my computer to integrate with the Persee over the network. (I am using a PoE Splitter) I would also like to run some of the algorithm and preprocessing etc on the camera itself, however I am not sure how to request the frame from the Persee using Primesense on the Persee itself, as it immediately looks for devices over USB. Does anybody know how to do this? Thanks

Hi Luketg8

I am also using the Persee and I would like to use the PoE. However, I cannot find any splitter that delivers 2.5A.
Could you tell me which switch and spliitter you are using?

I am sorry but I am not developping in python. I am using openNi to get depth data in C++ and openCV to get RGB because on the persee the color camera is the same as a webcam.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Best Regards

Hi Sarah,

One of our technicians at work chose it, I believe. He isn’t in today but I will ask him about it when he is! I attempted to do what you did with using OpenNi (c++) to get the depth frame and send it via a socket but it still seems to look over USB for the camera

I fixed it… I switched it off and on again.

Hi Luketg8
I am glad that you solved your problem.
Thank you for your help about the reference of the PoE.