Orbbec Persee sleep settings?

Hi all:

I am using an Orbbec Persee running Ubuntu 16.04 and have a functioning OpenCV/OpenNI project. However, when I step out of a certain “range” the depth stream appears to cut out. If I wave my hand close to the device again, it starts right back up. Is this something anyone has encountered here? Is there a way to disable, or adjust, this “sleep” feature, if there is in fact one?

Thanks in advance!

I figured I’d give a bit more insight into my problem in the hopes someone has experienced something similar, since I am still at a loss. The frames are saved one by one to a folder and streamed over the network from that folder using MJPG-streamer. I am experiencing an issue in which, when I step outside of a short distance from the Persee, the image freezes, and when I step back in, it comes back to life on one Persee…funnily enough, the other seems to work fine. I have two more questions regarding this:

  1. Are there Astra Pro and Astra versions of the Persee? I don’t think so, but it would explain some of the behavior.
  2. Is there an easy way to image and flash a Persee so I could grab the image and state from the working unit and make an identical copy on the unit in question, to rule out hardware?

Thanks in advance for any insight.