Orbbec SDK Beta Release

Hello Dedicated Developers,

We are happy to announce that a new generation of Orbbec 3D’s software development kit, Orbbec SDK*, is open for public testing. Below you will find the download link for the supported platforms and a brief introduction on the key features of the SDK.

  • Full UVC support enables future Orbbec 3D products to work without a dedicated driver
  • Modular sensor function, flexible combination of different devices
  • Supports increasingly diversified devices and systems, and plug-in algorithms for different scenarios
  • Supports Windows (x86/x64), Linux (x64/ARM/ARM64), and Android
  • Supports Astra+, Femto with other new products coming soon
  • More wrappers coming soon
  • Complete documentation coming soon

*Please note that the Orbbec SDK is still at beta testing stage, some functions may not work as expected. Customer assumes the risk when testing. We will continue to improve, adding more functions and provide periodic updates on the SDK.

Orbbec SDK Download Links:

Orbbec SDK Beta for Windows

Orbbec SDK Beta for Linux

Orbbec SDK Beta for Android

Orbbec SDK Beta for ROS

Orbbec SDK Beta for ROS 2

Orbbec SDK Beta for OpenNI2

Orbbec SDK Beta for Azure Kinect Sensor SDK

Orbbec SDK Beta for Python

Orbbec SDK Beta for Unity

Orbbec Astra+ can be purchased with the link below from Orbbec 3D official website:

Orbbec Astra+ Developer Kit

If you have any questions regarding the SDK or products, please contact us at info@orbbec3d.com.

Your pals,

The Orbbec Team

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