Orbbec Viewer under Ubuntu20: Device does not match!

Hi everyone,
I am trying to get the Orbbec Viewer to setup up and running and getting the following error message while running an Astra Pro:

I20220707 15:19:59.805164 81291 ObUvcDevice.cpp:87] add new device pid:1281uvcDeviceInfoVec size:1
I20220707 15:19:59.805167 81291 ObUvcDevice.cpp:91] queryObUvcDevicesInfo done!
I20220707 15:19:59.805171 81291 DeviceManager.cpp:199] queryUvcDevices: size = 1
I20220707 15:19:59.805173 81291 DeviceManager.cpp:200] queryHidDevices: size = 0
I20220707 15:19:59.805176 81291 DeviceManager.cpp:201] queryVendorDevices: size = 1
I20220707 15:19:59.805181 81291 DeviceManager.cpp:189] No device matched!

The Samples from the Astra SDK work just fine. What could be the solution in this case?


Orbbec Viewer doesn’t support Astra Pro. Only for new Astra+ and Femto cameras.