orbbecBodyTracking.data not found

Hello - I am currently working on a plugin using the new skeletal API. After modifying a few of the examples, the camera initializes, the streams begin, but I am currently stuck on a problem around which I cannot find much information. After calling orbbec::bodytracking::BodyTracker tracker.update(depthmap) I am checking the error from that result and getting an error message of orbbecBodyTracking.data not found.

After digging around a bit, I’m not sure where the lib is looking for this file. I found it in the SDK and I’m not having any other dependency issues in my VS solution. Any insight would be immensely helpful!


So a little update, but still not solved. I found a configuration method in the documentation for the path to the .data file, although I’m still getting the same error. I’m wondering if there is a VS include I’m missing somewhere as well?

	const char *path = "C:\OrbbecBodyTracking - 0.8.0\bin\OrbbecBodyTracking.data";

	obt::BodyTrackerOptions b_t_config;

	auto trackerResult = obt::BodyTracker::create(b_t_config);

whoops, reversed slashes and good to - there is 4 hours I will never get back…