OrbbecSDK not working

I’m using the Gemini E camera on the Raspberry Pi 4.

I encountered the following issues while running sample source OBColorStream in OrbecSDK.

orbbec/OrbbecSDK: Orbbec SDK C/C++ base core lib (github.com)

I performed udevrules file → Build → Run as shown in the document above.
My opencv version is 4.5.1.

How do I solve this problem?

[05/01 03:07:40.654001][info][1263][Context.cpp:68] Context created with config: default config!
[05/01 03:07:40.654060][info][1263][Context.cpp:73] Work directory=/home/pi/OrbbecSDK-main/build/bin, SDK version=v1.10.2-20240429-36960ec
[05/01 03:07:40.654123][info][1263][LinuxPal.cpp:31] createObPal: create LinuxPal!
[05/01 03:07:40.742954][warning][1263][OpenNIDeviceInfo.cpp:186] New openni device matched.
[05/01 03:07:40.743559][info][1263][LinuxPal.cpp:142] Create PollingDeviceWatcher!
[05/01 03:07:40.743693][info][1263][DeviceManager.cpp:15] Current found device(s): (1)
[05/01 03:07:40.743730][info][1263][DeviceManager.cpp:24] 	- Name: Gemini E, PID: 0x065c, SN/ID: AY7H33100F4, Connection: USB2.0
[05/01 03:07:40.743779][info][1263][Pipeline.cpp:15] Try to create pipeline with default device.
[05/01 03:07:40.750633][info][1263][OpenNIHostProtocol.cpp:567] Hardware versions: FW=5.8.23 (14), HW=0, Chip=7, Sensor=0, SYS=12
[05/01 03:07:40.751174][error][1263][OpenNIHostProtocol.cpp:584] Get usb core type failed!
[05/01 03:07:40.754724][info][1263][OpenNISensorFirmware.cpp:1185] Sensor serial number:AY7H33100F4
[05/01 03:07:40.755736][info][1263][OpenNISensorFirmware.cpp:1213] Firmware version RD3460
[05/01 03:07:40.756297][info][1263][OpenNISensorFirmware.cpp:1219] Device frequency 31.25
Bus error

Are you talking about bus error? Gemini E is USB 2.0 camera, so please make sure the cable and port you connected is USB 2.0

It’s been fixed since I went back to the pre-upgrade state of the raspbian apt package. I’m curious why