Persee Instruction Manual

Orbbec Persee is now shipping!

Instruction manual download

Edit: The battery type for the remote control is CR2016. If you don’t have that, you can plug in a USB mouse and use that instead of the remote.

Hi Josh,
Persee has arrived here in UK! Just one thing, the published tech specs for range are rather different in this manual than the ranges specified on the Orbbec site. Assuming the new manual information is correct, what would it take to modify the range to that of the long range Astra? I only ask as I was really hoping the Persee would allow me to finally update a rather high maintenance kinect based work, and that extra range was a big selling point for me.


The range is the same as Astra as it is the same depth sensor module. The manual is referring to ideal range for interactive use cases based upon typical middleware capabilities.

Good to hear :slight_smile: and thanks for the quick reply.

Hi Josh,

Can we login to Persee, and get the native depth frame like Astra connects with Raspberry Pi?

Yes, you can run your own programs on Persee and use OpenNI2 to access the depth information.

Oh! that’s great information!
That means I can ssh to Persee, and compile my own programs, is it correct?
Thank you so much!

CR2032 battery works too

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Hi josh,

How about the power consumption of Persee?

Are we going to get an updated version of the instruction manual?
There are so many info missing hahaha

How can I take a screenshot of the device?
How can I rotate the image displayed by the device from landscape to portrait? I don’t want to turn the device, just change the image output to be used as a smartphone in portrait mode.