Persee - Random system reboot from Unity app


I’ve been experiencing random system reboots (without even a crash message) from our Unity app. We believe it may have been related to this and have upgraded our Unity version from 2017.4.2f2 to 2017.4.3f1 in an attempt to resolve the issue

FIXES: (965024) - Android: Fixed possible crash with Performance Reporting enabled.

Whilst I don’t have Performance Reporting enabled, I know the non-pro version of Unity sends analytics data back to Unity services, so may have triggered the same issue. (you can see it doing this with adb logcat)

Since I enabled Airplane mode, it’s potentially stopped doing it but I need to do a long test run to determine that. I can’t consistently make it crash/reboot currently, as in it doesn’t happen every time an analytics call is made from Unity… I would just find that the system had rebooted when going back to check it.

I don’t know if there’s any guidance anywhere on other potential causes of random system reboots on the Persee?

Also I noticed the device ran very hot overnight on USB power from the PC (we are hitting the GPU a fair bit with physics & video) . This seems better when it’s on mains power though. It’s still quite warm but not as hot.

Could the heat be causing it to reboot?

thanks for any advice if anyone has had a similar issue