Persee shows up as unknown device when in bootloader mode

I’m trying to install ubuntu on the Persee and when I boot into bootloader mode, it shows up as an Unknown Device, so Android Tool goes from “Found one ADB device” to “No Devices Found”.

Here are the steps I’ve tried.

  1. Open Android Tool v2.3
  2. Load Firmware
  3. while holding pin plug in persee to USB
  4. wait for “Found One LOADER Device”


Next Try:

  1. plug in Orbbec Persee
  2. Open Android Tool v2.3
  3. Load Firmware
  4. See “Found One ADB Device”
  5. open cmd
  6. run adb shell
  7. run reboot bootloader
  8. see “No Devices Found”
  9. wait for “Found One LOADER Device”

Looking in Device Manager device shows up in
Other devices → Unknown device

Is there any way to make it show up as the right device?

Thanks in advance!

I went one step further to solve the problem:

  1. Select the Unknown Device
  2. Double click it
  3. in the Driver tab click updated Driver
  4. Browse My computer for driver software
  5. Select the DriverAssistant_v4.3 directory
  6. include subfolders
  7. next until it installs the driver
  8. “Found One LOADER Device” appears in Android Tool.