Persee - System's touch events are not called in TouchCursorSDK

I am tring TouchCursorSDK to operate Android’s home screen and various applications.

  • Android 5.1 built-in Persee.
    However, looks like a system’s touch events are not called.

SDK Programing guide says “Automatically firing system’s touch events”.
I have call “toggleAction(true)” but still not working.

  • document says “setEnableAction”, but is this “toggleAction” ?

How can I call system’s touch events ?

I am using the following.

Thanks in advance.

Hi KatsukiKato,

You might need to sign the app with system signature.


Thank you for your reply!

The apk included in the downloaded zip has the same problem.

Do I need to set something?

Hi KatsukiKato,

Yes, the APK will also needs to be signed with the system signature in order for it to function properly.


Where do I find the system signature? I’m trying to do something similar to @KatsukiKato, but like her I haven’t been able to get system touch events to be called. Please advise how to get started with an application that can control the home screen and other apps using gestures.

Hi Jackson, I’ve signed the APK file and install it into the android OS, it can detect the hand moving but can’t receive any hand position call back, please help…