Persee (Ubuntu 16.04) Missing Driver for Usb to Serial

The Persee with Ubuntu 16.04 is missing the driver for Usb to Serial.

Connected the usb-to-serial device (FT232 FTDI usb 2 serial)
to the camera’s USB-A port.

the device shows in lsusb
but not in ls /dev/ttyUSB*

Is there any way to add the driver?

Are there any other USB 2 serial modules which would work out of the box?

Thanks for your help!

Anyone from ORBBEC ?

Can you indicate whether you have a list of usb to serial adapters that work seamlessly with the ASTRA embedded system?

It seems i have the same issue, either we need to be provided with a driver to compile for the kernel or we are open to suggestions how to resolve it!