Persee USB/IP sharing cameras to other computer


I found two solutions to share Astra’s cameras from Persee to Windows and Linux in other computer.

  1. Non-free: USB over Network 30 day trial.
  2. Free: USB/IP.

I’ve spent a lot of time to get USB/IP work (new method, don’t do apt-get install usbip, but work with linux-tools).
Unfortunately I still haven’t succeed.

Compressed history:
(it pictures only my experience and I’m not completely sure, that my conclusions are correct)

  • With linux-tools version of usbip seems to be working, but when you finally try to bind usb devices it’s unable.
  • I’ve read that I should use modprobe to activate kernel modules, but here we have problem - we don’t have them.
  • Tried to get newest kernel, but it’s only possible to flash one, an upgrade is impossible to work.
  • I flashed 3.10 kernel from Jesse’s tutorial: Compiling Persee kernel and flashing it on the Persee in two ways: with usbip as modules [M] and built-in [*] (set in menuconfig).
  • [M] didn’t work - still missing modules. I should compile kernel modules, but couldn’t do it either (don’t know how)
  • [*] worked as usbip and usbipd appeared as comon command in terminal, but the same problem - unable to bind usb devices

Maybe I am missing something. Maybe someone know how to do it? Alternatives?

I think it is worth to make it work, because we can pass Persee and connect it’s Astra to our computer.

For me it’s very important for higher efficiency of non-in-field work and development and for using libraries and tools hard or impossible to use on ARM. Also “Reconstruct Me” is running only in Windows.