Plane Fitting(Interpolation?) Problem with Depth Data on Stairs

Basic Information:

  • Customer Name: Jungil Ham
  • Contact Email:
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  • Company/Organization: Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

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  • Camera Model: astra series
  • Serial Number:
  • Purchase Date: 12/2023

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Plane Fitting Problem with Depth Data on Stairs

Problem with Depth Data on Stairs
When capturing images of stairs using the astra, I have observed that when the depth distance exceeds approximately 2.5 meters, the stairs’ contours do not appear in the depth data; instead, they are represented as a flat plane. It seems like plane fitting or interpolation might be occuring.
Visualizations Attached for Clarity
To better illustrate the issue, I have attached visualizations that utilize RGB, depth. In these visualizations, you can see a 3D reconstruction. When observed from a side view, it becomes apparent that as the depth increases, the stairs appear to become closer to the flat plane.
This issue is problematic for my ongoing Pose Estimation project and I wonder if there are any parameters or setting to solve this phenomenon and obtain complete raw depth data.
If you see the upper two figures, you can see that the stair looks almost flat.
If you see the below two figures, you can see that the interpolation is obviously taking place in the red box area as the depth getting high.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Operating Environment:

  • Operating System and Version: Windows 10
  • Software Used with Camera and Version:
  • Lighting Conditions of the Environment: As you can see on the rgb image
  • Operating Temperature Range: normal temp
  • Exposure to Impact or Drop: no
  • Usage in Humid or Extreme Temperature Conditions: no

Troubleshooting Steps Attempted:

Changed several parameters in orbbec.ini file