PointStream freezes after the start() command

I’m trying to start the PointStream on Ubuntu18.04 using the following code but it immediately freezes after the pointstream.start() command:

astra::StreamSet streamSet;
astra::StreamReader reader = streamSet.create_reader(); 

auto depthStream = reader.stream<astra::DepthStream>();
auto coordinateMapper = depthStream.coordinateMapper();

auto pointStream = reader.stream<astra::PointStream>();

If the “pointStream1.start();” line is removed, everything works fine and I’m able to continue and get the depth frames from the reader. Both the DepthStream and ColorStream work fine and I’m able to start them with no problem. Any Idea why this might happen? This issue also happens when running the Astra SDK samples where the PointStream is used, and only a black screen is displayed. I’m using Astra SDK 2.1.1.