Pose and Orbbec SDK 1.3.1


I am trying to write my own code with Pose using just C (not the mix of C++ and C prevalent through the examples).

Having made that with the Orbbec SDK 1.3.1 (and using SDL as the window manager), I am trying now to get Pose to work.

I am a bit confused though, it seems all the examples use astra_* methods and types, which are not part of the orbbec sdk.

Does Pose work with an older version of the SDK?


Well, I just discovered is impossible to have a pure C example because the Capi is not C compliant.
After fixing simple mistakes, like incorrect usages of structs and typedef in C, I found this

ASTRA_API astra_status_t astra_reader_register_frame_ready_callback(astra_reader_t reader,
                                                                    astra_frame_ready_callback_t callback,
                                                                    void* clientTag,
                                                                    astra_callback_id_t& callbackId);

Pass by reference doesn’t exist in C :frowning:
Is there a plan to create a real pure C api?