Queries on Jetson Nano within Femto Mega

I am currently experimenting with the Jetson Nano embedded within my Femto Mega device. When I attempt to log in, I receive a response, but it seems to require a specific username and password. Could you please point me to where this information might be available?

In addition, I’m interested in writing a program using nano. Is this possible? If so, could you kindly direct me to any relevant documentation on this process? I appreciate any assistance you can provide.


You may aldready have found this answer since your post, but as we’ve been facing the same issue and this forum is not very active, we’ll share

Here is the feedback from Lei (Orbbec team):

Just to clarify, the Jetson board is not open for post-processing now. It is only available for internal calculation. You could use a PC or other development board for further developing.

When trying to dig the “now” part in that answer (and highlighting that it was not very obvious in the advertisement pages on the Femto Mega), here was the answer:

We probably have the option to open the access of the Jetson board, but it is not a confirmed plan and I do not have any timeline to share.
Once I have any updates regarding the Jetson board, I will keep you posted.

Hope it helps… and that this possibility will be open soon by the Orbbec team :confused: