Question about playback, .df file format?

Hello Astra people,

I’m checking playback feature for developing skeleton tracking application.
I noticed OpenNI has a file playback feature but we can not track skeleton with it because of Nite license issue.
So now looking for playback feature in Astra SDK not in OpenNI.

I found following function in /include/common/serialization/FrameStreamReader.h

    FrameInputStream * open_frame_input_stream(const char * path);

It looks like I can open file as a stream. But couldn’t find any info.
Several questions are arose for example which file format we can use(.oni?), should we open depth and color stream in separate FrameInputStream?, how to pass it to skeleton tracking?

Also I found playback plugin called orbbec_streamplayer in Astra’s Github repo.
And here in PlaybackStreamSet.h, file named test.df is hardcoded as a test file input.
What is .df file? But how can we record .df file?
Latest Github commit is 2 years ago.
Latest SDK release is in June 26, 2018.
So orbbec_streamplayer plugin might not included in latest SDK?

I’ll keep investigating but any suggestions are helpfull.
Thanks in advance!

Hey hiro,

As an alternative way you can record the video and the body records separably by using free frameworks, for example openCV or MediaFoundation to collect and save video frames in mp4 format and save body records as .csv . For the replay you will need to synchronize both records.

That’s true, I didn’t notice somehow.
I sticked to the idea of changing post processing parameters because I checked lots of info about Intel Realsense.
But Astra’s depth stream is clean enough without postprocess. (might be applied on hardware?)
Anyway thanks for your insight!