Re-initializing camera after terminate throws an exception

Hi All,

I have integrated the camera sdk with an c++ websocket server so I can stream the depth coordinates to a HTML page.
This works perfectly.

However I am only interested in the camera information if i have a connected client.

So what I am trying to do is initialize the camera the moment a client connects.


Then terminate the stream if no camera is connected


And then re initialize the stream as soon as I have a connected client again.


The problem is that as soon as I have terminated the astra connection and try to re initialize it I get an exception within VS 2015.
Anyone know how to re initialize the camera stream?

I have the same problem. Is this a feature or a bug? What is the best way to turn the streams on and off?

Sample code below. astra::initialize() throws an exception after the first iteration.

int main()

		auto streamSet = astra::StreamSet();
		auto streamReader = streamSet.create_reader();
		auto pointStream =<astra::PointStream>();

		auto frame = streamReader.get_latest_frame(1000);

		std::cout << "frame.is_valid(): " << frame.is_valid() << std::endl;

		auto pointFrame = frame.get<astra::PointFrame>();
		auto pointData = (float*);

		std::cout << pointData[3 * 10000] << std::endl;

    return 0;