Reading the angle between two joints of the skeleton using body tracking with Orbbec Astra

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As the title suggests I was wondering how I can read out the angle. I am using the skeleton SDK of the Orbbec Astra and hit a brick wall on my way to the exact data. Is it possible to apply a Kalman filter for example? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

There are a number of filtering options around - kalman is one of these - though for joint tracking we have found that it may not be the best option. Variations on exponential filtering have produced better results from out testing - with less latency.


As I know Joints are like points. How can we find angle between joints?

Is it something like angle between Bones?


I am attempting to do this as well trying to measure things like the angle between the forearm and bicep but its giving me large error percentages with the sdk.

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