Realtime People Mapping video projection as seen at Resonate Festival


Just got introduced to this product through link for workshop “Projection Mapping on People by Elliot Woods”

Did not attend but want to understand how easy to set this up myself or if others are already doing

I would love to use for performance with dancers…projecting video or generative graphics onto the bodies. Already have potential events lined up for testing & experimentation

Below image is from fashion event we performed using more conventional methods
Currently finalising workshop myself that i would love to incorporate Orbbec sensors

Let’s discuss possibilities & collaboration

Just for historical reference, if you are not familiar with the work of Klaus Omermaier check it out. Done before depth cameras; I figure he used IR floods on the background and an IR camera to the get the silhouettes (or vice versa), and calibrated the projectors to the IR camera. At least that’s how I did it before Kinects came along:

Where are your events? Good luck!

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Thanks for that @NoirFlux
Klaus Omermaier work still looks amazing as it is

I was lucky to attend a workshop with Frieder Weiss & saw Mortal Engine by Chunky Move in London

I’m very interested in using the depth & skeleton information from modern sensors
So guess I’m looking for skilled people comfortable with that

Workshop is in Moscow & other events in London

Happy to talk more here or privately