Record synced depth+color with Orbbec Viewer

I’m using Orbbec Viewer to record data from Gemini 2L. My goal is to get aligned depth and color images (same image space) and each image should be synced in time.

I get color and depth aligned with d2D(HW) option. But the recording happens asynchronously so the data not match. Is such functionality available through OrbbecViewer UI? I see some options for “software/hardware triggers” in Sync Config section, but not sure, is that related to depth-color sync?


For your case, you have to set the camera to Standalone mode under Advanced - Sync Config first.

After that, you should enable d2c instead of d2d which can be found in Sample-SyncAlignViewer

For saving depth and color frames, you can refer to Sample-SaveToDisk