Reduce verbosity of console output?

is there a way to reduce the verbosity of the console output of the Astra SDK?
if not, that would be a nice feature to add…

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You can edit astra.toml (located beside astra.dll/libastra.dylib/ and set console_output=false and file_output=false, if desired.

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unfortunately this doesn’t work.
i still get tons of INFO messages.
i also experimented with changing the level-setting. this also didn’t help. i could only make it worse by setting it to trace :slight_smile:


Astra SDK v0.5.0 is out. One of the enhancements is the addition of
console_output = true file_output = true
settings to astra.toml. You can set either or both to false to disable logging output.

(The actual logging levels are still kind of weird. INFO will be included in all log levels. That’s a longer process to fix.)

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With the new SDK, I do no have any log anymore.
To enable the console output, I suppose i need to add “astra.toml” to my output folder (where astra.dll is located ).
Unfortunately, this does not work.

Any idea @josh ?


Yes, if you want console output you need astra.toml to exist beside astra.dll and it should look like this:

# trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal
level = "warn"
console_output = true
#file_output = true
#path = "Plugins"

@josh It is working, thank you. I let the “#” before level which obviously does not help :innocent: