Regarding to Body tracking license

Hi, I have some doubts about the license of the body tracking feature. Currently i’m working with a simple Unity project where hand joints press some buttons.

When I started testing the Unity sdk, I runned the examples, and the body tracking whas working fine without a license, it’s necessary to buy a license to use this feature?

If the license is necesary, how does it work if I have multiple cameras in multiple computers?

And a more technical question, how can I calibrate the camera to work better on an angle?. currently it works, but due the angle, the body is shorter and that’s a bit of a problem in my project.

thanks for the answers guys

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If you want to use the body tracking feature that comes with the Unity SDK you have two options:

  1. Look at the developers page ( and check if there is a new version. If there is a new version you need to update. This is the only way to use the body tracking for free. On the page there is always a deadline. After that the free version stops working. Currently the deadline for 2.0.19 is 31th of March 2020. The time slots are 2-3 months from my experience.

The Orbbec Body Tracking library (included with Astra SDK) is free to use until March 31, 2020. After the free trial expires please plan on purchasing the complete version here or update to a newer version before that date.

  1. As stated in the citation above you can buy the license, however it is unclear to me if your endproduct needs a continous internet connection for the license to properly work. I asked the question on that topic here: License activation only online?
    What i do know is that you get these licenses once and you need to buy one for each of your cameras. I think that if you buy f.e. 5 licenses that you get one license that can be activated 5 times.

Regarding you second question about the angle. I had the same issue and i fixed it by putting the parent transform that contains the body parts into another game object and then you can rotate that top level parent as any other game object.

Hope this helps