Reliability Issues with Newer Astras

We have been using the Astras for a while now, and have just recently been having some connectivity issues with the newer cameras (PCBs that are labeled Astra_MX6000_A V1.2). After plugging an Astra into the USB port on a Jetson lsusb and dmesg do not show a connected Orbbec device. Sometimes it will connect, and sometimes it does not. Also, it seems to be much less reliable on the TK1 than the TX2. We have yet to find the root cause of this issue, or a reliable way to fix it. So I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this issue with the newer cameras. And if so, has anyone found a way to fix it?

Hardware: Astra via USB to Jetson TK1 or TX2
OS: Ubuntu 14.04 on Jetson TK1 and Ubuntu 16.04 on Jetson TX2

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.