Remove .ini file Dependency

I have downloaded the openNI and OpenNI2 from:

I am in a situation where I cannot use the ini files to specify where my drivers are. Therefore I want to build from source and remove the need for these .ini files. My plan is to put all my library files in the same folder. Does anyone know what file/s create the dependency on the .ini file for where all driver files are located?

In file OniContext.cpp, this is where it searches the Oni_configuration_file (.ini) for the repo. See rows 86-92. The path is also set in row 27. I’m am trying to change the default path to be the direct folder instead of searching in OpenNI2/Drivers. My issue is building the OpenNI2 package. I get tons of issues stating that certain library files do not exist. I know they do and have included them in the “includes” section of my build file. So I’m not sure what the issue is. If anyone has had any experience with bazel and build files and knows what OpenNI2 files are necessary for a working project, I’d appreciate any help.