[RESOLVED]Has OSX Support been removed?

Hey Guys, Am I missing something? Looking at the www.orbbec.com/download SDK page, I don’t see any OSX support, however there are a number of threads in the forums that refer to OSX support. Is there some other portion of the SDK that I’m missing?

I’m afraid not. I experienced a similar confusing message from their website early last year and eventually asked if they supported macOS. From an April 2019 email, “Unfortunately, all our camera is no more supporting macOS, now the available operating systems including Andriod/Linux/Windows 7/8/10.” I suggested at that time that “it would be less confusing for your potential customers if you removed mention of support for macOS from your website.” I haven’t looked lately, but it sounds like they haven’t done that yet.

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Thanks @john2525! Yes. It would clarify many things if they explicitly said there is no support for OSX (Linux on ARMx64 also?). I spent a great amount of time wading through the forum posts and the Github distros trying to reconcile different parts of this mystery. Some clarity around that helps. Things like this tend to leave a bad tasted in your mouth…

I agree @mwalker , I picked this as my depth camera for an upcoming art installation thinking I had Mac support to pipe into MaxMSP, now I have to completely switch dev environments and its quite the bummer. So it goes.

Easy get intel D435 it’s amazing! No time wasting! :joy:

As an Intel alum, I think they have great products. I actually used a D435 in a recent design. The current design needed a closer resolving plane. The Astra embedded S and the pmdtec Pico have some of the shortest resolving distances. Apparently both have challenges around software/support. I’d love to see better support here on some of the basics.