[RESOLVED] libOrbbecBodyTracking.so System could not load library --- BodyViewer-SFML example with AstraSDK 2.0.8 (UBuntu 17.10) - starting BodyStream


I am just starting out with Astra Pro and AstraSDK 2.0.8, and I am trying to get the SimpleBodyViewer-SFML example from the SDKwork, with Astra Pro device on UBuntu 17.10.

(The other example, SimpleStreamViewer-SFML seems to be working fine, I get the visual when running it.)

However, with SimpleBodyViewer-SFML, I get a black screen only, and the on_frame_ready() never gets called.

I traced the issue down to this line of code:

If I comment it out, I do get the on_frame_ready() calls, and the visual appearing on the screen – however, then, this call returns null (as the BodyStream is not started):
const auto& bodies = bodyFrame.bodies();

Finally, I get some messages in the terminal when starting the example - I am wondering if they may have to do anything with the problem:
Warning: USB events thread - failed to set priority. This might cause loss of data…
unsupported descriptor subtype VS_COLORFORMAT
unsupported descriptor subtype VS_COLORFORMAT
attempt to claim already-claimed interface 1

However, I do get the same messages with SimpleStreamViewer-SFML example as well, and it seems to be working fine.

Any suggestions would be very welcome – thank you for your help!

Sorry, here is the line of code that seems to be the issue:
reader.stream <astra::BodyStream ()>.start();

When debugging the example, I came across the following message:

2018-02-27 09:16:48,975 DEBUG [plugin_manager] try_load_plugin /home/vorc/Downloads/AstraSDK-v2.0.8-beta2-c1b800ad80-20180201T091618Z-Linux/lib/Plugins/libOrbbecBodyTracking.so System could not load library. Perhaps a dependency is missing.

So that seems to be the problem. Yet the libOrbbecBodyTracking.so file is in that folder; and other plugins that are in that folder (Ex. liborbbec_hand.so) get loaded without any issues.

Found the issue, the libpng12.so.0 dependency was missing. It is working now.

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