Ros Indigo Desktop problem on Astra Developer Board

I followed all steps from your PDF (ubuntu14_ROS.pdf) to Install the “Ros Indigo Desktop” on the Astra Developer Board, starting with this:

After Step 2.5: “sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-desktop” one of the installed dependencies broke the mali OpenGL Driver.

So that when want to start a OpenGLESDemo like the “cube” this messages come:

/OpenGLESDemo/bin_arm/opengles_20/cube$ ./cuve
libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate
Error: eglGetError(): 12291 (0x3003)
Error: Failed to create EGL surface at …/…/simple_framework/src/EGLRuntime.cpp:297

So the hardware acceleration for OpenGL not work anymore in X11.

Its possible to complete the installation of Ros Indigo, but when you run rviz and enable PCL on the Astra, the Framerate is 1 fps…

Maybe Someone has experience with this workflow and can help, Thanks !