Running the C#Wrapper

Go this Orbbec camera to evaluate for my client.

Downloaded AstraDotNet Demo.
Runs and compiles OK in Vs2017.
whether I click on ‘OpenSenosr #1’ or ‘OpenSensore #2’ I get the same error:

astra_imagestream_request_modes: Invalid Operation

If I just use EmguCv/OpenCv to start the camera I can see the image stream.

it fails on this line:

     var depthMode = SetDepthMode(settings.DepthFps, settings.DepthWidth, settings.DepthHeight);

I have downloaded theSDK but not sure what to do with it as it is all in c++ and the sample tells me the Dlls are included.
I then thought maybe I needed an additional driver (I am using Windows 10) for acquiring the depth sensor.

I see a link on the orbbec site to download the driver which when click on takes me to here:

But there are no download links for any driver that I can see?
Please close this. Found drivers!