Scan in motion with drone or robot

Is it possible to fix the cam on a drone (or something else like robot, …) that scan in motion ?

→ With a drone, it could be possible to “visit” the inside of a house automatically and generate in same time the 3D plan of the house.

Is it possible technically ?
Does the SDK allow this kind of usage ?


Hi clincks,

Wow. 3D scans of interior spaces with a drone. That’s great!

Technically possible – yes.

You are going to do scanning with the depth sensor and using something like opencv to reconstruct the space. Other devices (like the HoloLens) are doing this and the SDK will give you the streams you need – but the hard part of the implementation is definitely going to be the volumetric reconstruction and we don’t provide anything out of the box for that, unfortunately, plus you’ll need it to get those calculations to run on the Persee’s hardware.

So it’ll be challenging, for sure. But a really brilliant idea.