SDK v2.0 low depth image stream frequency

The product I am using is Astra sensor.
I am running “SimpleBodyViewer-SFML.exe” sample, provided with the new SDK. The outcome frequency is about 15 FPS instead of declared 30 FPS.
Similar sample tested on previous SDK had streaming frequency about 27 FPS.
Any explanation or advice?

Sorry for the inconvenience. There is a known issue in this beta version that SimpleBodyViewer-SFML and other SFML-based samples that use body tracking run slower. The issue is related to SFML itself – uploading the textures is slow when body tracking is on. We haven’t resolved it yet but will before the final version. You can test SimpleDepthViewer-SFML to see depth running at ~30 FPS and test BodyReaderPoll to see that body tracking runs at ~30 FPS.