Simple test application for Windows

Hello. I just picked up an Astra Pro for use with Lumo Play and I am getting strange results. Is there any type of test application, I could download, to verify the Astra Pro is working properly?

You can download windows sample for unity in orbbec develop page and play .exe file. (it doesn’t need unity)
If this file doesn’t work, download orbbec sensor driver in same page or check windows device manager.

Thanks. This did help me resolve one issue which was with a powered USB hub inline with the camera. I also understand a bit more about how the camera works but it has brought up other questions… of course.

With the Unity app on this computer, which is not the computer I intend to use the camera on, it seems to work perfectly. I get two images in the Unity application, one color and the other I assume is depth. It shows the frame rate, which is a constant 30fps, and a lot of other information.

On the other computer I see up to 6 blank boxes but no images, the frame rate reads 70 to 75fps and other info is missing. The camera is showing as working in device manager.

When I open LumoPlay I do see both images on the setup pages, color and depth. It would stand to reason that the camera is working on the other computer but the Unity app is not. Does this sound correct? If this is the case then the problem must be in the Lumo Play app and not with the camera.