Simultaneously accessing two Astra Pro cameras on Windows

Please help me clarify how to access two cameras simultaneously.

I have 2 Astra Pro’s and they are plugged directly into the USB ports on my laptop. I am using the “listening to stream” sample code provided in the SDK but I’m having trouble getting both cameras to work. In fact, I cannot even specify which of the two cameras to turn on.

Here are the things I’m confused about

(1) to access two cameras, do I need to initialize two Astra objects or two StreamSet objects?

(2) I’ve been assuming I need to have two StreamSet objects. I’ve tried to specify the uri when creating the streamset object using the code:

astra::StreamSet streamset1(" \ ?\usb#vid_2bc5&pid_0403&mi_00#8&6ae0615&0&0000#{c3b5f022-5a42-1980-1909-ea72095601b1}");

where the string is the uri of one of the cameras. But this does not seem to work, the camera is not producing any images. Am I using the wrong format for the uri? Is there another way to specify which camera to access?

Are there any example code that could help me?

Please help!

@byyu May be worth asking but can you stream from one camera ?
Which channel do you want to stream ? Depth ? Color ?

I actually figured it out. I need to do:

astra::StreamSet streamset1(“device/sensor0”);
astrra:StreamSet streamset2(“device/sensor1”);

this creates 2 streamset objects, one for each device.