Skeleton max distance


I am workink with several Orbbec astra and Unity and enjoying it.
But I noticed that skeletons are not detected when the distance is over 4 meters. It looks like a software limitation or paramters. I haven’t find any parameters for this in the SDK for Unity. Anybody knows about this ?

thanks in Advance.


I’m currently working on the same thing (body tracking + unity + orbbec Astra Pro). According to the tests, I get similar results. The skeleton disappears at a distance of 4 meters (perhaps 4.5).

The Astra Pro and Astra have a depth range between 0.6 - 8 meters (the optimum range between 0,8 - 6), so I suppose it is by Unity, or by the application of body tracking, which may have certain limitations.

I also did body tracking tests with Kinect v1 and the results were similar. The skeleton disappears at a distance of 4 or 4.5 meters.

I don´t know if this distance could be extended. In my case, my application does not require greater distances.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I need 5m at least, 6 would be cool. Well, I have still not managed to find any tweak for that point.

As I know the depth data is up to 8m, but the body data (extracted from depth data) is limited to 4m, the reason is bad quality of depth data above the 4m.

Well, at 5 or 6m, the datas seems to be pretty clean. I understand, but the software disable the skeleton straight at 4m while it could stilol track at 5 in some case (in mine, I’m pretty sure). given that and the fact I can’t track skeletons on severals Astra, the Nuitrack seems to be the right choice.

I have already switched to Nuitrack. In regards to the distance limits it is the same like Astra SDK. In regards to the accuracy Nuitrack is better, maybe except of foots detection in my case.

Yup. unfortunately, I have to work with 3 or 4 sensors, and nuitrack only accepts one …