Skeleton Tracking unable to show

Hi guys, i am currently using a demo and i have already use the things that are mention in this website:GitHub - bibigone/AstraDotNetDemo: Simple .Net solution to demonstrate working with Orbbec Astra (Pro) depth sensors from C#, except for the Astra SDK v2.0.9. However, the screen is shown black and there is no skeleton points at all. Anyone could help me solve the problem? Thanks in advance.

HI. The problem may be related to OpenCV library that Orbbec uses for body tracking. I assume all other functionalities do work without any problem.

A suggestion would be to uninstall everything and then first install OpenCV 2.4.8 (This must be the exact version what I have mentioned).

After that a fresh installation of Orbbec Astra SDk 2.0.12 is recommended.

Hope this solves your issue.